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Domiciliation Agent in Luxembourg

Domiciliation Agent in Luxembourg

Updated on Thursday 14th April 2016

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domiciliation_agent_in_luxembourg.jpgA domiciliation agent in Luxembourg is responsible for performing the duties associated with the physical domicile of the company. If you are looking for a solution for investing in Luxembourg, our team of  lawyers in Luxembourg can represent your best interests and act on behalf of your company.

In Luxembourg, Article 1 of Law 31 of May 1999 provides a definition for company domiciliation: it is the establishment of a registered office with the help of a third party, in order to perform an activity according to the clause of the company and the third party provides any kind of services related to the activities of the company. If this is the case, the company and the third party, called domiciliary agent, must conclude a written domiciliation agreement.

Who can act as a domiciliation agent in Luxembourg?

The Luxembourg Domiciliation Law states which professionals may act as domiciliation agents:

- credit institutions and other professionals operating in the financial or insurance sectors;

- lawyers;

- external auditors;

- chartered accountants.

Domiciliation agents must identify clients, beneficial owners, the purpose and object of transactions and generally maintain a rigorous monitoring of the relationship with the company. Domiciliation agents should also maintain an adequate internal organization and fully cooperate with the authorities.


In performing the necessary tasks, domiciliation agents in Luxembourg should act according to law and in a professional manner. Some of the rules of conduct and obligations are as follows:

- to act honestly and fairly in the best interest of the client;

- to act with due skills;

- to minimize the risk of conflicts of interests;

- to comply with all regulatory requirements.

Domiciliation services in Luxembourg

Some of the benefits of our domiciliation services are:

- registered office in Luxembourg;

- mail forwarding;

- assistance for incoming and outgoing faxes with a dedicated fax number;

- local phone number in Luxembourg;

- call redirecting and many others.

Contact us to receive personalized information about domiciliation agents in Luxembourg or virtual offices in Luxembourg


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