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Litigation Attorneys Luxembourg

Litigation Attorneys in Luxembourg

Updated on Thursday 20th October 2016

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Court litigation is generally used in Luxembourg for settling civil and commercial matters. Arbitration and mediation are other dispute resolution methods in Luxembourg. Our attorneys in Luxembourg can help you initiate a claim before a court and solve any legal disputes.
Court structure in Luxembourg
The court system in Luxembourg is a two-tier one, which includes civil and criminal jurisdictions composed of three lower tribunals, two district tribunals and a Superior Court of Justice.
The Superior Court of Justice in Luxembourg includes the Court of Appeal and the Court of Cassation. There are two district courts: the Luxembourg District Court and the Diekirch District Court. The administrative jurisdiction includes the Administrative Tribunal and the Administrative Court. Luxembourg also has a Constitutional Court.
Court proceedings in Luxembourg
Court proceedings in Luxembourg are usually public. However, the court can order closed hearings in certain matters, such as criminal matters and matters involving children.
Court proceedings differ depending on the addressed court. The first step for matters addressed to the District Court or the Court of Appeal is to issue a warrant on behalf of the defendant, then submit written statements and disclose documents from attorneys.
Commercial disputes in Luxembourg are usually handled by the district courts. Commercial matters can also be brought before local courts, but only for disputes with an estimated value less than 10,000 EUR. Parties may choose to follow the civil procedure even in commercial matters. 
The Administrative Tribunal in Luxembourg settles complains regarding the abusive use of authority, violations of law and administrative measures with a normative character. 
Litigation in Luxembourg is usually privately funded and each party covers its own expenses needed for the legal procedure. Lawyers in Luxembourg can determine their own fees and all lawyers registered with the Luxembourg Bar Association have the right to conduct cases before the Commercial Court.
Arbitration in Luxembourg
Arbitration is a mechanism for dispute resolution, a private and consensual process leading to final and mandatory duties of the parties. Arbitration in Luxembourg is handled by the Arbitrary Court.
Arbitration and mediation in Luxembourg are becoming more popular for commercial matters, especially for international disputes. In complex judicial matters, arbitration and mediation are often preferred because these two procedures are generally faster, easier and cheaper.
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