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Open a Limited Liability Company in Luxembourg

Open a Limited Liability Company in Luxembourg

Updated on Thursday 26th January 2017

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Open-a-limited-liability-company-in-LuxembourgAmong all the types of companies available for registration in Luxembourg, the limited liability one is one of the most popular choice of foreign investors. Limited liability companies in Luxembourg can be divided into public and private, however the private limited liability company is the easiest to open. Statistics show that two thirds of all companies registered in Luxembourg are limited liability companies, which are shortly known as SARLs (société à responsabilité limitée). The SARL is regulated by the Commercial Law in Luxembourg.

Our law firm in Luxembourg can offer information on all types of companies which can be registered in the Grand Duchy.

Requirements to open a SARL in Luxembourg

Foreign investors are allowed to open limited liability companies in Luxembourg provided that they meet the requirements of the Commercial Code. A Luxembourg SARL must have at least two shareholders which will have limited responsibility related to the debts and obligations of the company, which is the greatest advantage of this type of company. The maximum number of shareholders admitted is 100. The minimum amount which must be fully deposited upon the registration of the SARL with the Luxembourg Trade Register is 12,000 euros. The minimum value of a share is approximately 25 euros. Also, the Luxembourg limited liability company is not allowed to trade its shares on the stock markets.

Steps to register a limited liability company in Luxembourg

The first step to open a SARL in Luxembourg is to open a bank account where the share capital will be deposited. The second step consists in choosing and reserving the company name, followed by preparation of the Articles of Association, which together with the shareholders and directors or managers’ details must be filed with the Companies Registrar. The incorporation documents must be prepared by lawyers in Luxembourg or a public notary.

The last steps of the company registration process consist in applying for the business license with the Ministry of Economy and registering with the tax authorities in Luxembourg.

If you want to open a limited liability company in the Grand Duchy and need assistance, do not hesitate to contact our attorneys in Luxembourg.



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