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Wealth Management in Luxembourg

Wealth Management in Luxembourg

Updated on Thursday 14th April 2016

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Wealth management encompasses customized financial services provided to business owners in Luxembourg and high net worth individuals. Wealth managers in Luxembourg are advisers who specialize in fields such as finance, taxation and estate planning or risk management. They can help you run your business and secure your assets.
Our lawyers in Luxembourg can provide wealth management services for small or medium sized and large companies in Luxembourg.

Wealth management services in Luxembourg

Business owners know that comprehensive business plans are important for their assets and for the future of their companies. Wealth management begins with an evaluation made by a financial expert who can determine the best way in which you can optimize your assets, increase their value and prepare for the future.
Wealth management is more than just financial advice. It includes all the relevant parts of an individual’s financial life and it combines financial and investment advice with accounting or tax services and estate planning. Wealth managers address every need of their clients and the services are delivered in a consultative manner, by paying attention to the particularities of the financial situation and the financial background.
Wealth management generally includes:
- accounting and taxation services,
- business planning,
- retirement planning,
- risk management,
- estate planning,
- accumulation,
- strategic asset planning.
Our law firm in Luxembourg can help you with various financial planning and taxation services as well as company management services to help you build a strong foundation and optimize your assets.

Why is wealth management important in Luxembourg?

Luxembourg is a popular business destination in Europe which offers various opportunities to business owners who choose to open a company there. When investing in another country, foreign investors need to make the best choices for the future of their company.
A wealth manager can provide the needed assistance and will help you make important decisions about investments and allocating business funds. Wealth managers can provide complete management services for finances and assets.
Irrespective of the type of company you own in Luxembourg, a wealth manager can offer you the appropriate financial products and services.
Please contact our attorneys in Luxembourg for detailed information about our services.


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